Topic 12 – Wrapping Everything Up

Hi, today will be my final post for everything about the Internet. However, learning does not simply stops here. So first off I will do a recap of all the topics I have done up till now.

In the very beginning, I talked about what I learnt in the first week of COM 125 class. That is the origin of the word “Internet”. Words and common terms like this are taken for granted in our everyday lives. We used them so frequent that we forgot how they come about. Maybe sometimes, for us to obtain knowledge, we must be able to see the ‘hidden’ knowledge amongst us.

Week 2’s topic is about the comparison of web 2.0 VS web 3.0. We are now at a transiting phase between these two. From just empowerment of users on the Internet (web 2.0), we are moving into an era where objects/machines understand meaning (web 3.0). Life would indeed be made easier when objects around us understand the meaning we assign to everything in life. We will then be able to ‘communicate’ with objects and machines which would bound to make everything more efficient than it is now. After all, we are living in a fast pace society where time is a valuable asset.

Discussion of the social networking sites is topic I talked about in post #3. The power granted to social networking sites are increasing as even businesses are trying to understand how to wield this powerful weapon. However, great risks are always associated with great power. Thus, by not handling this powerful weapon properly, the users might end up hurting themselves.

Topic 4 is about the discussion of e-business. Some strategies of how to use e-marketing effectively are being discussed. Like any other traditional business, one must know what he/she is doing before diving head on into the unknown. I have friends that are obsessed with the potential gains from doing business and dived head in upon knowing that online blogs are cheap to set up. These friends of mine suffered a great deal as they did not know what they plan to do, or what they are doing. All they care about was to get their hands on the potential gain that they are expecting, the money. Needless to say, without a clear plan and knowing exactly how to achieve your goals, you are in fact drifting further away from making money.

Post 5 is about Microsoft upcoming product, the Microsoft Surface Technology. Potential issues with regard to the launch of Microsoft’s product is being discussed. At this point, no one is exactly sure why Microsoft wants to launch their new product even though they are risking the relationships with their OEM partners. Perhaps Microsoft feels that no matter how unhappy its OEM partners are, they have no choice but to obtain Microsoft’s software technologies anyway. Therefore, even though Microsoft competes with them by launching a hardware product, its OEM partners still have to get Microsoft’s software.

Topic 6 is a short little video that my friends and I created. We experienced how it was like to be our own director/producer/scriptwriter/editor and maybe even actors/actresses. Initially, we wanted to just create a video so as to learn about the different functions of editing with the software. We did not expect to have so much fun in the process. Even though it is a short video, the hard work behind making the video is definitely more than that few minutes. With that in mind, I can never say that I fully understand the hardship that the people in the movie industry experienced so as to bring entertainment to all of us. To all moviemakers out there, keep up the hard work!

Post 7 is about cybercrimes. In that post, I showed an example of a cybercrime in Singapore where the victim is extorted a total of $50,000 when he became obsessed with a girl he had met online. The girl made him stripped and used his naked video to extort money from him. In conclusion, one has to be very careful when using the Internet.

The attitude of youths towards politics were discussed in Topic 8. Based on the past few elections in America, we can see that a new trend is emerging. Candidates are making use of the Internet to win votes and spread their influence over the other candidates. Like everything else, Internet had enabled the spread of information faster and better in terms of interactivity.

I talked about the future of journalism with the influence of Internet for Topic 9. I predicted that the accuracy of content and information will decline with the rise of Internet as the pressure to produce speedy news will be more important as compared to accurate news. Who knows that in the future, there might be a software that is invented so as to verify the accuracy of the information by running a background check of the sources. The software might be able to make sure everything is credible and accurate and yet be as fast as Twitter or other new means of spreading information. Hopefully something like that might happen and everyone would get fast and accurate news.

In Topic 10, I discussed on how the use of multimedia is able to increase in the persuasiveness when it comes to product marketing. I believed that in the near future, multimedia would evolve by having a mix of augmented reality. That is to say, interactive hologram of the product would be available to us. As of now, we can only see this much of a product. Different angles of the product on a screen. With interactive hologram, we can ‘touch’ and interact with the product and maybe there will even be a hologram person to explain the use of the product to us. With that, I believed that persuasiveness of multimedia would reach a whole new level.

I would say that I had benefited a lot from COM 125. The most enjoyable things that I took away from this module are the anticipation of what the future brings. The endless possibilities created by the Internet are something that our forefathers would never have imagined. Five decades later, the future that our descendants are anticipating would be totally unimaginable to us now. Internet will continue to evolve and it is definitely the key to innovation and new ideas in the future.

Here’s some 9gag post about the usefulness of the Internet before I end off.

Sometimes, the Internet just don’t feel like it.


Topic 11 – Future of Internet

For this topic, I am going to talk about the future of Internet. Some people envisioned augmented reality to be the future of Internet. By augmented reality, it means the incorporation of computer-generated data into our real world or environment.

However, the future of Internet that I had envisioned is a bit different. Instead of data from the Internet coming into the real world, I thought that it would be possible for people to enter into the world of Internet or cyberspace and experience it like never before.

Maybe in future, there would be a chip inserted into everyone’s body at birth. This chip allows us to access to the Internet as and when we deem fit. However, what is amazing is not this technology. In this future world, there would be ‘centres’ operating all over the globe. This ‘centers’ is similar to gaming arcade in shopping malls now. However, the only difference is that the people enter the games and experience a different world inside.

In the ‘centres’, there would be a ‘helmet’ for the users to wear. After putting on the ‘helmet’, the brain waves of the users are altered, thus bringing the users into the game. The users would then have first hand experience in playing the games. Action games like Street Fighter and so on would be experienced on a total different level. Upon selecting their character, the player would then be able to use the ‘skills’ of the fighters in the game. Super strength and magical powers could be used at will. The players would be brought back to the real world when the game is over.

However, I feel that the main reason for this technology would be for warfare simulation and gaming is only secondary. Imagine soldiers using these ‘centers’ in order to be brought into a war site. However, they will not physically die from being shot by bullets, as it is only a simulation of the brain and not getting hit for real. The whole idea is similar to having a dream. Dreams feel real but it is only a simulation of certain brain cells that caused us to experience these dreams.

Ok, let’s go back to what we have now. Here’s a nice video of how this guy makes use of augmented reality to tell a story about magic. Enjoy!

Topic 10 – Effects of Multimedia

Hi, today I am going to discuss on the topic of multimedia. I am sure that almost all of us have been impressed at one point in our lives of the wonderful multimedia presentations of products that are marketed to us. For me, I was quite impressed of the graphics and multimedia tools used in the Apple website.

Before I go on any further, multimedia can be defined as a combination of text, images, animation, audio, video and interactive content. You might wonder how is the use of multimedia important. It is important is a couple of ways:

  1. Variety – no one enjoys just text alone. Having a variety of animation, video, audio, etc, it would be much easier to engage people
  2. Dynamic –  multimedia can explain concepts or messages better and in more detail
  3. Rapport – the interactivity provided by multimedia creates rapport with the users
  4. Able to persuade more effectively than normal text

The presentation of the Apple products in the site is clear and easy to navigate. There are explanatory videos of the products and the pictures of the products are taken in a way that represents the unique features of these products. All in all I think that the use of multimedia had impressed me. If everything was presented in just text, I think I would not be that impressed about the features of the products. Here’s a short video as to why Apple’s marketing are always unique.

With that I shall end my post with a picture that from 9gag. Till next time!

Topic 9 – Future of Journalism

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing about the future of journalism and how the Internet plays a role in the change of journalism. Before I go on, here’s a video of the old print journalism VS the new journalism of the Internet.

Old Platform VS New Platform

One aspect that the Internet is shaping the future of journalism is from Twitter. The question that almost everyone is asking: Is Twitter the future of journalism or only the bad news? On one side, people are saying that the information provided from Twitter is not accurate and false. However, this may not come as surprising to most of us as false information always spread like wildfire from all corners of the Internet. On the other side, others are arguing that the information reported by news reporters may not be hundred percent credible and reliable as they might make mistakes as well.

A little background information of Twitter:

  • Information flows faster
  • However, no way to determine if news is accurate or real as the ‘journalist’ are ordinary people like you and I
  • Twitter is not to be blamed for the information that populate its channel
  • Therefore, the information in Twitter can be real or false

Times have changed since the invention of print media. In those days, reporters have time to verify the information to ensure there are no biasness and make sure everything is accurate before releasing the information to the rest of the world. However, the future of journalism may not be the case. I am not talking about the credibility of bloggers and other writers online. I am talking about the reporters in the press companies. To combat the speed of the Internet, or in other words, to be the first to report the story before everyone else, the reporters may chose to sacrifice the accuracy of his sources. Therefore, in future, the news we are getting are losing in credibility and accuracy. Information might only contained half-truths. People cannot be a hundred percent sure that the information they get are accurate. This applies to even news from journalists in print companies.

To conclude, here’s a short video of how the impact of Internet had on journalism and the journalistic world.

Future of Internet Journalism

Topic 8 – Apathetic Youths Towards Politics??

Hi, in this post, I am going to talk about why I think young adults and youth in general are apathetic towards the politics.

I feel that young adults and youths in general are not apathetic towards politics. At least it’s my view with regard to Singaporean youths. During the last election, there are discussion amongst my friends with regard to who they are going to vote and the reasons for their vote. Many of them had done reasonable reading and understanding of the background of the candidates of the election.

It was also during the time of election where strangers I met for the first time, chose to break the ice by talking about politics. Of course these strangers are young adults like myself. Therefore, I think that a good number of youths in Singapore do actually care about who is going to lead Singapore and bring us to greater heights in future. After all, our future is based on the nation’s future.

I have to admit that in the past, when I was much younger, around the age of 16-20, I did not really care about politics and what is going on. I have too many concerns and issues of my own life to deal with than to bother about whether so and so win the election. Maybe it was because I was not able to see how the election will affect my life. However, when I was of legal age to vote, I realized that every vote counts and what I chose actually influence the future of Singapore. Though I am not an active follower of politics, I did read up on a bit of the background information of the parties that are running for election in Singapore. Overall, I feel that youths that are of legal age to vote would feel more involved as compared to those that are not allowed to vote yet. The ones that aren’t voting would feel that whoever win is none of their concern because they do not have a say in the election.

Based on a statistic finding on an article, published on 27 May 2011 on the Straits Times, it shows that youths actually participate more in politics than older people. The finding shows that youth tend to participate more online and were more likely to sign petitions online and offline a compared to older people.

Also, the findings show that youths consumed more political content than older people and their main source of political news they obtained was from the Internet.

Now you heard my opinion on youths and politics, let’s hear what some of the presidential candidates in America think about the attitude of youths towards politics.

Views with Regard to Apathetic Youths by Presidential Candidates in America

Topic 7 – Cybercrime

In this week’s post, I am going to talk about the dark side of the Internet. Internet had made our lives easier without a doubt. However, it also allows crimes to go online. The video below is a case of cybercrime in Singapore where the victim, Danny was extorted for $50,000. Danny accepted a friend request from Lily, whom he thought was beautiful. After building rapport with Danny, Lily arranged a webcam conversation with Danny. She managed to make Danny stripped during the webcam conversation and recorded the whole process. The very next day, Danny received a mysterious call from Joe and was extorted $50,000 in exchange for not uploading the video online.

Cyber Sex Scam – 24th June 2012

Cybercrimes had increased over the past few years. To better combat these crimes, Singapore set up a National Cyber Security Centre. The centre aims to help the government deal more effectively with cyber security threats and vulnerabilities by enhancing capabilities in early detection and prevention. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Singapore to set up National Cyber Security Centre – 21Sep2011

In conclusion, the threat online is real and it applies to all of us. So be careful and use the Internet safely. That’s all for this post!

Topic 6 – My Significant Other

For this topic, my group and I have come together to produce a short film, titled “My Significant Other”. The story begins with the main female lead, Wenting committing suicide after her relationship with her once loving boyfriend, Marcus deteriorate. The cause of the failure of their relationship was due to a third party, Clarinda. Strange things started happening after Wenting killed herself. She came back to haunt Marcus for cheating on her. Being pushed to the corner, Marcus seeked advise of a ghost hunter in order to get rid of Wenting’s vengeful spirit. It turns out that what Wenting wanted was the death of Clarinda, the third party. Marcus then lured Clarinda to the rooftop and in an attempt to push her down, was dragged down with her as well. The story then ends with the spirit of Wenting witnessing the whole scene.

Below’s the video of this short film, ‘My Significant Other”. Enjoy!